Visit Nursery (not Christmas trees) by Appointment ONLY!
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Autumn Blaze Maple

Colorado Blue Sprucereplica rolex watches

White & Pink Redbud

To look at Nursery Trees please call or email your best time
Loudoun Nursery is a tree-growing farm that specializes in tree varieties that are well suited to the mid-Atlantic region both for the climate and the smaller lots of new residents. We grow species of trees that may be under used and not well known but which serve to enhance the landscape. Mid-sized shade trees, disease resistant flowering trees and conifers for screening or specimen locations are some of our specialties.replica rolex watches
Loudoun Nursery trees are grown using special air-root pruning fabric containers above ground. Unlike field grown trees dug by machine, these trees retain nearly 100% of their roots. Compared to many trees found in garden centers they show the freshness of healthy growth. They establish very quickly and are easily moved from the nursery to the landscape with a high success rate.
We welcome visitors to the Nursery by appointment and are happy to discuss your tree needs.   Every year we plant several thousand trees.
Trees are the perfect gift to memorialize a friend or celebrate an event. Contact us to receive our Gift Certificate to send as your personal gift. The local recipient can coordinate with us to personally select their perfect tree here at the nursery. We accept Visa & Mastercard.          
Call and stop by to learn more. 
 Please use 16457 Short Hill Road if navigating via GPS