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Acer palmatum - Green leaf maple

Japanese maples growing in Oregon

We grow these japanese maples on to landscape size

Japanese Maples 
The following are trees we currently grow.  Please check plant list for prices and availability.  New varieties will be planted in the spring.
Cultivar Name Height  Form Spring      Fall Effects Container     Light
Acer japonicum
     Aconitifolium 12-15' Up green crimson drama xx any
Acer shirasawanum
     Aureum 10-20' Up golden golden drama xx shade
Acer palmatum 
     atropurpureum (palmatum) 15-25' Up reddish purple crimson gen any
     green leaf (palmatum) 15-25' Up green crimson gen any
     Beni Kawa (palmatum) 18-20' Up green golden drama any
     Beni Otake (linearilobum) 12-24' Up red vivid crimson gen any
     Bloodgood (palmatum) 20-25' Up red  fiery scarlett gen sun
     Burgundy lace (matsumurae) 10-12' wide red dark red gen any
     Fireglow (palmatum) 10-12' Up red dark red gen xx any
     Glowing Embers (palmatum) 18-20' wide green orange/red drama xx any
     Heffner's Red (palmatum) 10-15' Up red dark red gen any
     Inaba Shidare (dissectum) 5-7' mound red red/crimson drama   any
     Lutescens (amoenum) 18-24' Up green yellow/gold fall any
     Moonfire (palmatum) to 15' Up red dark red fall any
     Omure yama (matsumurae) 12-15' weeping green brilliant red fall xx any
     Osakazuki (amoenum) 15-18' Up green crimson fall any
     Pixie (dwarf) 4-5' round red fiery scarlett gen xx any
     Purple Ghost (palmatum) 10-15' Up red dark red gen any
     Red Barron (palmatum) 12-15' Up red dark red gen any
     Red Dragon (dissectum) 6-9' x12'w mound red brilliant red fall xx any
     Seryu (dissectum) 12-15' Up green brilliant red fall xx any
     Sumi nagashi (matsumurae) 12-15' Up red dark red gen shade
     Tamuke yama (dissectum) 5-7' mound red dark red gen any
Acer pseudosieboldianum
     (Korean maple) 30-35' Up green fiery orange fall xx any






Form of mature plant 




     mound-shaped shrub or tree




     round-shaped shrub or tree




     upright shrub or tree




     widespreading shrub or tree




Effects in the garden




     plant notable for dramatic or




     unusual foliage, bark or growth



     plant notable for fall foliage color



     plant suitable for general garden use



     plant notable for color of spring foliage 



Light requirements




     plant tolerates partial shade to full sun



     plant benefits from partial shade



     plant benefits from full sun








     leaves divided up to 2/3's to leaf base


     leaves deeply dissected; lace leaved


     cultivar normally less than 6.5 feet hgt



     leaves divided more than 3/4's to leaf base


     leaves divided 2/3's to 3/4's to leaf base