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Smart Pot - Growing System

The Smart Pot is a soft sided container that air root prunes our plants.  Air root pruning is a key component to a healthy fibrous root ball.  Unlike in plastic containers, roots do not circle.  Instead, air root pruning creates a more fibrous root structure with more root tips, producing quicker plant growth and faster establishment in your garden.  Unlike field grown balled & burlapped trees, our production method preserves most of the root system and actually increases the number of roots.  Trees can be transplanted during most of the year so selection is much greater than from the typical garden center that received trees dug only in the dormant period before spring and after fall.

Trees grown in Smart Pots tolerate our hot summers because they use a fabric that releases heat and aerates the root zone.  Aeration allows evaporative cooling to occur in the container, extending the growth cycle.  Each tree is individually watered using drip irrigation for water conservation and to deliver the proper amount. 

Winter hardiness comes from the trees' light rooting into the ground during the previous growing season.  Some roots anchor the tree, draw nutrients and water from the soil and the tree is hardier than if in a container where rooting did not occur.