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Norway Spruce in field

Conifers for large spaces
These conifers are great for screening or as individual specimens.  Some are under used and not well known in our area.  All require sufficient space to show their beauty.
Check here frequently - we are scouting for new varieties to introduce and to learn their characteristics.  New varieties will soon be arriving from Oregon for us to plant out for your future.
Plant Variety Common Name
Abies concolor Concolor Fir
Abies homolepis 'Nikko Fir' Nikko Fir
Abies koreana Korean Fir
Abies lasiocarpa Arizona Corkbark Fir
Picea abies Norway Spruce
Picea Englemann Engleman Spruce
Pinus nigra Austrian Pine (fast screening)
Pinus peuce 'Macedonian Pine' Macedonian Pine
Pinus thunbergiana Black Pine
Pinus strobus White Pine
Thuga 'Green Giant' Green Giant Arbovitae