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okay hi guys and welcome to the show today we're gonna be doing another top 10 of watch's analog replica watches this time only analog watches no digital watches so I've done that in another video and to be honest if we did that again it would just be Casio Seiko Casio Seiko maybe a little bit of citizen so today I'm doing top 10 analog watches under $100 some might just be a smidgen over but I think yeah I think we can allow it before I get into it I'll do a quick wristwatch

shirt I'm wearing squirrely 1 5 2 I haven't worn it for what for a while actually because my true derp where is it what you oh yeah there is my little true does sub has kind of scratched that that blue watch itch even though it's completely different blue to this but anyway what are the rules well if you're not familiar with these top tens it's very easy I only have one this is a relatively newer rule and I used to have multiple watches from same brand in top ten but to try and get cast a wider net so to speak I'm only gonna allow one watch per brand and that makes it quite challenging so if I've left some out which I am definitely will have please do

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not yours in the comment so only one watch per brand secondly I only am going to talk about watches I have had personal one-on-one in hand experience with I don't know why there seems to be this terrible habit I'm talking about watches people have never experienced in the flesh or even worse than that trashing watches they've never even seen in the flesh it's it's yes poor form but anyway okay number 10 we have this citizen bj6 5 0 0 1 2 l this is a fantastic 40-millimeter only 8 millimeters thin and that's because it has a Japanese court and it's powered by Eco Drive now this is available in a variety of colors very minimalist very modern so it has a mineral crystal quite a stark look but with a gorgeous and I really like the blue down here with the

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sunburst blue quite graceful applied silver numerals it comes on a leather NATO strap which is all the rage right now 50 meters water-resistant and if you're not familiar with citizen they have incredible legacy to their name they were founded in Tokyo in 1918 many many innovations to the name not only that they gave the world Eco Drive which is an extremely efficient way of solar powering the watch very reliable absolutely rock-solid incorporating this amazing technology without disrupting the balance of this fantastic dial is is really cool I used to own many many citizens before in a channel I consider them slightly better quality actually at the entry level compared to Seiko that I think that probably psychos greatest rival it's just very beautifully tastefully done stainless steel case of course with that wonderful Navy dial it's it's quite mesmerizing there's no pretension about this watch ok number nine yeah this is gonna ruffle a few feathers but it is the Invicta pro diver and I did in fact review this watch I still have it somewhere about I'm not quite sure where it is but anyway it's a very polarizing subject let's address the elephant in the room ok Invicta has a bit of a undesirable sides the kind of QVC these ginormous huge watches that I'm quite literal monstrosity is very garish and etc right they have that side of it but they also at the same time they they do offer incredible value for money now if you divorce the fact that it's obviously inspired by the Mariner and this is the reference eight nine two six zero B forget about that for a moment just to switch that critical part of your

brain off right and just look what you get you get a Seiko NH 35 a has a forty hour power reserve screw down crown date the split the three it's a forty millimeters stainless steel case two hundred meters water resistance the oyster style bracelet a unidirectional dive time bezel even a display back right and then they put the crown rotor so for a hundred bucks it's very difficult to beat now of course the negative side is well you know every single watch snob that is too easily offended by watches which is just ridiculous obviously loathes them because it's it is lacking in a bit of originality no one can deny however as as a watch it's it's great value for money and they're decent quality I mean they're not outstanding but you get what you pay for and if you want that Submariner itch scratched and you don't spend a fortune and at the end of the day it's an automatic Seiko movement you can't really beat it and I have to include it in the top ten but let's be fair here Invicta actually

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has quite an incredible history I found it all the way back in 1837 in Switzerland in a Shanda font and if you look at some of their vintage pieces they used to make incredible incredible watches I think the president is the fifth generation of the same family involved with the company since the beginning okay number eight we have Orient's we simply could not make this list without including Orient's they have a great variety a whole plethora of quartz pieces at this price range however they do do a day date and this is a highly overlooked model it's a little bit old now the fa be zero zero zero zero six D which has gold-tone applied markers blue dial lovely 37 millimeter steel case almost presidential style brace you could say only 11 millimeters thick automatic 30 meters water-resistant as a 21 jewel Orient's are able to achieve this because they are part of Seiko and I think they say cause started collaborating and building factories with orient back in the early 60s but don't quote me on that orange they were founded in the 50s one of their biggest achievements is they

manufactured the world's thinnest automatic day date back in the 1960s so they are masters of this complication and also they may produce 1.1 million of their own in-house calibers every single year which is incredibly impressive I think they have something like 40 of their own in-house calibers so yeah you can't you can't make this list without including ourian's and I'm so pleased there's one that is actually affordable and automatic okay number seven below but I you know another brand you just can't make this list without talking about I recently just got back into global I purchased one of the most iconic important horological important watches the Accutron space view with that famous two on four movement if you remember the unboxing and I've reviewed it it was hugely important anyway Bulova are actually an American company founded all the way back in 1875 in NYC no less they're still actually headquartered here although I think these days they were yeah they were purchased by citizen that's right come to the England we just mentioned them

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recently in a previous video last week with Bugsy Siegel's beautiful art deco piece so they have a very long rich history of American watch making I mentioned the Accutron invented by the Swiss smacks head cell and they've continued to innovate in 2010 they introduced the world to the precision it's it's operated at eight times the the speed of the industry-standard and it has an amazing accuracy of that plus ten seconds a year so they're still pushing forward and I love below but you know being in New Yorker you just you have to right so the one we're looking at today is actually at the time of this it's it's a hundred and three dollars so okay three dollars over budget but anyway it's worth it guys if you remember my what was it the the interstellar the Hamilton interstellar another great American watch brand the mirth watch right this one stylistically

is almost identical slightly different lands hands beautiful Arabic applied silver numerals date hidden away at the six o'clock I absolutely love this piece so much so I actually bought it for a friend of mine as a gift in New Yorker and that was kind of part of the the meaning behind it all that why I chose it right curbed min or crystal stainless steel case it comes in a strap you actually do get signed crown and buckle 30 meters water-resistant I love the rail track markings it has a very kind of 1930s look to it forty millimeter case I think about 11 millimeters tall if I recall correctly exquisite symmetry to it really has if I was ever to design a watch from scratch it would probably be something like this it's just so clean so yeah it's it's it's a cracking piece if they made an automatic version of this I would buy it so fast I don't think there would be a timing mechanism on this earth able to capture this with my new amount of time it would take me to pull the trigger but anyway okay number six now this is probably the most iconic watch we're gonna talk about in this top 10 it's not a brand I've featured before on the channel although I have a best friend of mine who actually owns this piece and this is the Bron classic so Bron if you're not familiar they were found in 1921 in Frankfurt Germany and they are largely a consumer products manufacturer and they teamed up with legendary industrial designers dieter Rams and district loves and they were the masterminds behind this collaborations I think this was initially in the 70s and in fact the first time I saw one of these Braun watches

was as a child in a design Museum in London I don't know if they still display it but interestingly enough it was right next to the Seiko giugiaro you know that the aliens watch based on the ten principles of good design that it's a kind of design and philosophy that dear to rams came up with and I mustn't forget I deliberately put this book here so I wouldn't forget to mention it oh and I just realized this is by the design was in mine so 50 watches that changed the world and outstanding but by this on my Amazon store by the way two of them are in this book so just goes to show you how important these watches are there's varying degrees of quality and versions available standard three handed with a date forty millimeters with quartz you can get them with a kind of PVD or just stainless steel these are around about $99 they're 50 meters water resistant mineral crystal just sixth and the quartz inside again I couldn't really find out what exactly was the movement

however if you pay and have the made in Germany ones they have a Swiss Rhonda those are substantially more that I think about to $300 now we mustn't forget there is actually a Moammar museum special edition you can buy from the Moammar website also $99 there's the 1980s kind of follow up watch that the designers made the aw 10 that is substantially more my favorite is the most minimalist one with no date on a mesh this is the BN 0 to 1 1 BK SL m hg this is the most classic and historically accurate with that yellow seconds hand so it's a Japanese quartz this is 38 millimeters super super thin I think I think it's just about 8 millimeters then ultra modernist industrial no-nonsense timeless elegance it really has got that the one my friend has actually is the strap version and it comes on this very mat calfskin strap so understated no superfluous design it's all about formal function perfect dress watch really the funny thing is is that this look and this

style has been copied so much by the fashion watch brands we take it for granted that in the 70s this was you know this was cutting-edge this was really cool it still is really cool it's a design icon okay at number five we have another brand that is long overdue for a review it is of course a rotary now I've only mentioned them in passing in kind of randomly in videos when it came up for whatever reasons but this is absolutely gorgeous watch so any closer to buying one many many times I went in into a store in the UK and tried it on and actually mentioning the UK there's a special link it is actually a Swiss brand founded all the way back in 1895 headquartered in London they're still privately held to this day which is quite astonishing and in 1940 they became the official supplier of watches to the British Army so they have quite a unique link to the UK this particular watch though is famous for a completely different reason it's actually known as the Sherlock watch

because the actor Benedict Cumberbatch wore it in the BBC highly acclaimed Sherlock series about Sherlock Holmes of course and in my opinion it's one of the most beautifully classy sophisticated watches you could ever buy at this price range immediately you'll notice the very Breguet esque features like the breaker hands the Girish section for the roman numerals trench style lugs which is something you don't see typically these days a Dimond hobnail pattern on the main dial is just ravishing absolutely ravishing very distinctive it looks like a break' but without the brigade cost of course very tastefully done lovely little soft seconds at the six and the

SPECT stainless steel case onion style crown mineral crystal inside we have a Japanese box and the quartz 38 millimeter sized wonderfully thin the seven point six millimeters perfect as a dress watch and it has something that is unique to rotary and that's called the dolphin standard which is basically the same as the ISO rating of two to eight one you can actually not like you would with the leather strap that you can actually swim with it and it's absolutely fine it's of water resistant about fifty meters now these retail at 170 you can find them on Amazon for about 110 the price does fluctuate depending on you know supply and demand obviously sometimes you can pick them up under a hundred so always keep an eye on do check out rotary I like them I'm I'm gonna get one into review highly underrated and I simply could not make this list without including swatch of course hugely important Swiss affordable brands founded in 1983 and in fact that the model I'm going to suggest now is a descendant of one of their first watches the jellyfish which has become incredibly

collectible that transparent skeletonized quartz from 1983 I bought the reissue from the 90s actually it's my wife's and I do wear it occasionally it's it's stunning they're highly sought after now by collectors but let me just explain what's watch was swatch was the Swiss answer to the quartz crisis that happened in 69 into the 70s so swatch is an amalgamation of the words second watch so the whole thing was to create kind of actually a precursor to fashion watches but at the same time being Swiss made now they've gone on to continually innovate most famously in 2013 they released the system 51 the first fully automated assembled automatic watch which is just incredible if you know about what's making you cannot be impressed by this achievement and funnily enough you know system 51 it's not that much more so you could actually get an automatic if

you wanted but I'm gonna go with this one because it's the descendant or it's the modern incarnation of the jellyfish in other words and this is the SU okay one one one simple three hands and no date 41 millimeters 30 meters water-resistant completely plastic this is about $79 and it's just a fun way of owning one of the most iconic swatch has ever made the strap the plastic strap is completely translucent as well fun functions great as a conversation piece it's just cool you know but guys you don't have to go with this version they're endless endless watches and like the name intended to imply it is a second watch because you can buy a couple match them they're beautiful colors and quirky designs to your outfit at the end of the day they're about having fun infinite variety of styles to choose from there's a swatch for everyone there really is okay number three

we had to put Timex in there right of course I mean you guys know I'm a massive Timex fan now this being a list of only new watches I couldn't include vintage Marlon's which you can still pick up for under $100 the new Marlin it's about 200 beyond so that unfortunately no manual wire no mechanical in this list however one of the most iconic watches the Timex mk1 this is a resin quartz watch with and you immediately recognize it's a field watch it's a military watch now Timex have incredible history founded in 1854 in Connecticut very long rich history of American watch making famous in the 1930s for the Mickey Mouse watch the Marlin in the 60s and 70s the pin and plate movements which rarely got there got the traditional watch industry quite

scared in the 80s they introduced the Ironman and of course their Indiglo luminescent backlight technology in 2000's they had the the intelligent courts throughout all of that time they have always made technology for the United States Army the mk1 is very historically accurate you can get in variety sizes 34 millimeters that is six millimeters and 40 millimeters which is wonderful it's basically the civilian version of their famous field watches so we have the 24 hour markings triangular plots lollipop hands baton you know high contrast black and white color scheme no-nonsense very utilitarian unpretentious just gets the job done quartz power 30 meters water-resistant acrylic crystal they come in a nylon strap just like the military ones do it's a great way of owning one of the most indicative military watches it's 36 millimeter one unfortunately doesn't have the Indiglo if you go with the 40 millimeter one you also get the legendary backlight technology so they're functional

rugged accurate comfortable light affordable legible the quintessential military watch really okay number two and if I didn't add this one to the list that would be Gentry knocking on my door with pitchforks and torches lit it is of course the Casio dual or daughter if you're not familiar with the word in Italian means hard and this watch has quite a cult-like following simply because there's nothing really that can can compete at this price range it's a 200 meter water resistant diving watch with a unidirectional dive time bezel arrow our hand lovely red tip on the seconds comes on a rubber strap screw down crown date to split the three resin band the only downfall it is 44 millimeters shame I wish they had a 38 millimeter one I'd probably buy one 12 millimeters

thick we've got standard Japanese quartz in there obviously proprietary to Cassio and recently has been made famous again because Bill Gates of all people has been seen wearing this watch recently it's cool it's a cool watch nobody can deny slight sheen on that dial plied markers they display the 3 mineral glass decent loom great orientation with the double marker at 12 and a stainless steel case I have reviewed it so have a look back Casio needs no introduction you know had this been digital instead of analog they would have dominated they were found in 1946 well how do we start with Casio so many iconic watches under the belt the Casio f91 w the

calculator watch Back to the Future which I've also renewed both of them g-shock of course we there collaboration would keep your either massively massively important horological Ike and where they're all are yeah we we could not do this video without including them ok so who's that number one well if you haven't guessed by now right then you are not true gentry ok it can only be the sake of five there is nothing at this price range that can compete with psychos dominance and mastery of being able to mass-produce watches this affordably the sake of five in fact actually pioneered affordable watch making in the 1960s Seiko came up as the name implies the five principles which were it had to be automatic had to be day date complication there had to be water resistant had to have a four o'clock crown not necessarily so much true these days but this was there five guiding principles and lastly it had to be durable in a steel case preferably with a steel bracelet as well and they're still doing it this sheer amount of sake of fives is never-ending my favorite has to be

the SNK eight zero nine you guys know I love this watch comes in a canvas strap we the display back in a smaller 37 millimeter size with that very world war to flee be style dial with the minutes on the outside hours in the center leaf style hands with the lollipop seconds fairly decent luminescence not the best in the world only 11 millimeters thick and inside you have the automatic legendary 7s to 6 ok no hacking no money whine but you get the magic lever system which is a wonderful piece of simple but highly effective bit of engineering by Seiko that

allows it to have bi-directional winding very reliable and robust now I know there's always criticism oh well you know the quality's not great blah blah blah guys the fact that this is still this is around $100 is phenomenal if you know anything about the production of watches its it's an impressive feat for any company to achieve a bead blaster finish is just you know it's very lovable you can't help but fall in love with it 40 hour power reserve scratch-resistant hard leg switch it's stronger than mineral now guys if you think this is too small for you for a little bit more just over I think about 130 of their about by the snz g15 which has a 7 s3 6 and that's a 42 minute means it's very similar layout it's also moddable as well which is an advantage it has over pretty much every other watch we talked about so you can really make it your own it's becoming a cult classic in its own right it really is but you don't have to go with this there are endless sake of fives if you want

one that looks like a I know protect Nautilus there's one if you want one that's a diver there's there's the the sea urchin there's and guys these are jumping in the prices especially on Amazon I've seen them go for 150 which is ridiculous it's only supply and demand when more of them are made because they haven't been discontinued they'll go right back down again all the time with the sks so fear not hasn't been discontinued just wait around and psycho need no introduction I mean go where do we even start so many icons under their belt you

know from the Pope to the Arnie the grand psychos you know they do everything from luxury to to entry-level founded in 1881 and they're still innovating to this day it's a brand that deserves respect that I mean come on they they brought the Swiss to their knees with the courts crisis and I don't think there is a brand out then I can think of that offers so much anyway guys that is it that is my top ten please do nominate your suggestions in the comments below I'd love to hear what you suggest that this price range now guys obviously I can't put every single watch

under the Sun I tried to get a nice dynamic range going for you so I'm going to leave it there let me know your thoughts cruise comments opinions and recommendations in the comments below thank you very very much for watching please don't forget to like this video if you found it useful and enjoyable and as always guys I will catch you in the next one okay ciao this is a public service reminder for the good Gentry please follow us on Instagram join the Facebook you gwc group and click on the bell to keep notified of new videos don't forget to keep it positive keep it Gentry onwards and upwards thank you

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