fake Rolex Daytona Replica first paired with rubber strap

Rolex replica in 2019, the Black Cerachrom pottery outer ring in the stainless steel cosmograph fake Daytona, announced will become the standard specifications of this series; and in 2020, The first time with Cerachrom pottery outer ring 18ct gold Cosmograph Daytona, the first with the patented Oysterflex rubber strap, became the newest member of Daytona.

As Rolex's most popular replica watch, Oyster replica perpetual cosmograph Daytona attracts collectors and fans ' attention during each year's Basel Basel watch show. After fake Rolex watches introduced the stainless steel Cosmograph daytona with black ceramic cerachrom outer ring in 2019, Rolex Cerachrom will be fully popularized in this series.

This is the first time that fake Rolex has used the patented Oysterflex rubber strap on the Cosmograph Daytona, through the internal titanium nickel alloy sheet, and the inner retractable rubber sheet to make this strap robust and reliable, and retains the original flexible and comfortable texture of the rubber strap.

As a result, the past Cosmograph Daytona replica has not yet been paired with 18ct gold, white gold and timeless rose gold material in the outer ring of Cerachrom pottery. 116518LN, Ref. 116519LN and Ref. 116515LN also appeared together in 2020 with a brand new design panel. Cerachrom pottery outer ring with high technology manufacturing has many advantages, not only corrosion resistance, scratch loss, UV irradiation also does not fade.

Physical vapour deposition coating technology, can be on the number and scale on a layer of 18ct gold or Platinum film, so that the speed meter on the outer ring is more clear; while the speedometer is also a major feature of this form, through the start of the timing pointer, The average unit speeds up to 400 units per hour (miles or kilometers).

ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Replica

In addition, Rolex Daytona Replica this year published three pieces of precious metal material cosmograph replica Daytona, all with the patented Oysterflex rubber strap, its appearance and other rubber strap and not too big difference, but the internal body is from the deep elastic titanium nickel alloy sheet production, The front and rear ends are connected to the case and the oyster clasp, and then covered with black rubber, so the solidity can be said to exceed all the existing rubber strap, even if the pull of a strong force, the strap will still not break. In addition, the strap inner layer also has a patented vertical cushioning system, which is like a retractable rubber sheet that makes the wrist watch difficult to slide and can easily be fixed on the wrist.

And this form adopts fake Rolex famous Oyster case, with thick middle case, the spiral-type bottom cover with triangular pits and the abrasion-resistant blue crystal glass surface form a solid body of the case; plus a triple waterproof system with a crown and timing press, and a much larger increase in the waterproof performance of the table, up to 100 meters. In addition, the same as the noble metal made of oyster-type insurance buckle, coupled with easylink easy to adjust the chain section system, can be quickly adjusted 5mm strap length, to ensure that users wear comfortable.

This section Cosmograph Daytona replica carries a new generation of 4130-type constant-motion core, which is the first homemade chronograph movement launched by fake rolex watches for sale in 2000, using a vertical clutch structure and a traditional guide-column wheel device. Among them, the vertical clutch structure is the use of two layers of overlapping discs, through direct friction and contact, can instantly start the timing function, to achieve the precise operation of the pointer; Durable and sturdy guide-string gear is a part of the Advanced chronograph movement and an important control center for controlling timing steps. In addition, the 72-hour dynamic storage of the Clockwork box is the first design in the timing movement.

Through a solid guide-pillar wheel and a vertical clutch-wheel structure, the 4130 calibre can accurately grasp the timing of the moment, combined with the Rolex Daytona Replica gossamer, and up to 72 hours of energy storage, sufficient to meet the challenges.

The 4130-type constant-motion core uses Rolex-specific two-way automatic upper-chain structure to give the movement excellent upper chain efficiency, while the 4130-calibre movement is replaced by a central ball bearing device, which makes the constant oscillation more flexible. This section of the movement uses screws to fine-tune the balance, through the inside of the balance of four fine-tuning screws, accurate adjustment of time and speed, and with high resistance to magnetism and shock-resistant blue parachromrolex gossamer.

As with all Rolex replica watches, the new Cosmograph Daytona is also certified by the top astronomical observatory established by fake Rolex 2015. The watch is assembled and tested again, to ensure that the wrist watch is worn, in the precision, power reserve, waterproof and automatic chain all aspects, can play a top performance; its average error is within two seconds of daily plus or minus, which is more than twice times as accurate as the General Observatory, and has a global five-year warranty.

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